Topics: Harlem Renaissance, Poetry, African American culture Pages: 4 (407 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Modernism/ Harlem Renaissance Poetry Annotation Project


Assignment: Similar to the short stories and essays we read in class, the poetry of the Modern Time Period & Harlem Renaissance give readers a glimpse of society (rise and fall of the economy, disillusionment, the rise of industry, women’s movement, corruption, etc) and the emergence of African American culture. In pairs, your assignment is to annotate and explicate one Modern poem or one Harlem Renaissance poem. Your partner and poem will be assigned to you.


✓ Step 1: Read your poem several times

✓ Step 2: Create a TDCASTT (information will be given about this) 60 points

✓ Step 3: Create a homework assignment for the class (This should be at least 2 questions for your classmates to answer about your poem, so that they are prepared to discuss when pairs present. These questions should be assigned the day before your presentation. Your questions should be well thought out and NOT RIGHT THERE QUESTIONS; they should have depth to them.)

✓ Step 4: Write a CEA Paragraph by answering the following question: What is the tone of the poem, and how does the tone help convey meaning about the poem? 15 points

✓ Step 5: Presentation (Pairs will read and annotate their poem to the class using their TDCASTT as a guide ONLY. Remember that this is a presentation so you need to engage your classmates in the poem) 25 points

Due Date: Assignments will be due based on the attached calendar

Assignment Points: This assignment is worth 100 points

**As the audience, your responsibility is to read the assigned poems the day before your classmates present, answer any questions that pertain to the poem, and annotate the poem with the presenters. This is important because there will be a quiz on the information that’s presented to you.

Modernism/ Harlem Renaissance Poetry Annotation Project Schedule

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