Hardware Replacement Project

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  • Published : July 23, 2010
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Replacing hardware at any organization, regardless of the size of said organization, can be an overwhelming task if one goes into it unprepared. When replacing the hardware, one must have a complete and thorough understanding of the issue. The issue may need to be fully investigated so more members of the organization have a better understanding of the problem. Coming up with and evaluating alternatives then possibly selecting the best option would come next. The final stage of implementing a hardware replacement would involve replacing a system, testing it, introducing the new system to the organization, and refining the overall process over time. One also needs to look at the five major variables of project management - scope, time, cost, quality, and risk involved in the process. The five major variables of project management need to be evaluated and applied to this particular situation.

First of those variables we will look at is the scope of the project. Scope is what work is or is not included in a project. An example of this is given in the textbook. The scope of a project for a new order processing system might include new modules for inputting orders and transmitting them to production and accounting but not any changes to related accounts receivable, manufacturing, distribution, or inventory control systems. In a hardware replacement project, this could include what systems are being changed out with new hardware but retaining existing software. The project management defines all the work that is required for a project to be completed successfully and should ensure that the scope does not exceed or expand beyond what was originally intended.

The second and one of the more important variables is time. Time is the amount of time required to complete the project. Establishing the amount of time required to complete the major components of a particular part of the project is vital to the project's success. This could mean mapping out the...
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