Hardware and Software

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  • Published : April 12, 2013
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Hardware and Software:
Businesses require wide variety of computing equipment, software and communications capabilities simply to operate and solve business problems and solutions. We need wide variety of computer hardware as well as wide variety of software in the business these days. Each hardware and software system need operating system to run the process into the system. That all require networking and telecommunication systems to work internally as well externally . IT infrastructure is composed of 5 different components:

Computer Hardware
* PC, Mainframe, Super computer, Workstation, Grid Computing Computer Software
* Operating System Software
* Utility Software
* Application Software
Data Management Technology
* Organizes,manages and processes data concerened with customers, suppliers, vendors, distributors * Storage Devices
Networking and Telecommunication Technology
* Distributed Processing
* Centralized Processing
Technology Services
* The people – Internal / External
The exploding power of computer hardware and networking technology has dramatically changed how business organize computing power putting more power on networks . * The emerging mobile digital platform

* Nano Technology
* Cloud Computing
* Automatic Computing
* IT Infrastructure

Selection and use of computer hardware and software technology has profound impact on business performance. The most important issues will be face when in managing hardware and software technology. Capacity Planning and Scalability

Determining the total cost of Technology assets
Determine whether to maintain or own your own hardware, software and other infrastructure component Lease them using Technology Service Providers
Managing Mobile Platforms and software Localization
Hosted Services – Cloud Storage
By implementation of Computer hardware and software technology and advancement in the technology...
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