Hardships in Part Time Indian

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  • Published : November 13, 2012
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Part-Time Indian Essay
In the book The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie, Junior faced many hardships and obstacles while he stayed on the rez. Junior’s caring community and his strive for having a better life allows hope to exist despite the hardships he faced. Through some of the obstacles he had to face, like his lack of self-esteem, death, and poverty, Junior was able to persevere and find hope. Junior’s lack of self-esteem that he had on the reservation damaged him while he transferred to Reardan because he brought it with him and wasn’t very encouraging to himself. When he tried out for the basketball team, he was immediately intimidated by all the other basketball players. Coach said that forty kids were trying out, but only twelve kids could make the junior-varsity and varsity teams. Junior’s lack of self-esteem hurt him, because he told himself that “I knew I wouldn’t make those teams. I was C-squad material, for sure” (Alexie 138). Those belittling statements showed that he didn’t have the confidence to think he was going to make the basketball team. This made Junior feel even worse about trying out because he didn’t feel that he could make any of the teams. Coach decided to have the kids do a one-on-one drill, and put Junior up against Roger. At first Roger dominated Junior, and made Junior want to quit, but Coach came up and asked him “You want to take him on again? Or do you need a break?”. Junior wanted to quit, but he persevered and told Coach that “I’ll take him on again” (Alexie 140). This allowed him to overcome the obstacle because even though he played against the best basketball player at Reardan, he still wanted to prove that he wasn’t going to give up. This made him feel very gratified and accomplished, thus having Roger call him a warrior. After a handful of basketball games, Reardan finally went up against Wellpinit. As Reardan was walking in, the Wellpinit fans were screaming at Junior saying “Ar-nold...
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