Hardship Essay

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  • Published : September 8, 2012
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Ever since I started high school the first college that I heard and learned about was Rutgers. Since I was born, after we moved from New York, we lived in Union City, a place full of different multicultural people. The first language I had to learn was Spanish, but then in elementary school my parents also tried to teach me English. Many experiences in my childhood have helped me learn about other people and the way that they talk but that didn't stop once I moved to Bergenfield, once I entered middle school I decided to take French to learn and understand people more and from different perspectives. By actively participating in clubs like Collage Literary Art Magazine and Robotics, I came to understand that people don't only communicate through ear and mouth but also through their eyes. The way someone can draw or write someone on a page can also show emotion and feeling even though you may not speak the same language. Ever since my grandfather has passed, I will always remember what he told me one day when we were travelling, "No matter where you may be or with who you may be, if you both can communicate with each other you will never be lost in the world". With around 6500 spoken languages today, it is not possible for someone to learn them all so that they can understand the world but by only knowing one language but knowing how to draw or even sing, you can talk with someone who is half way across the world and may not speak the same language as you. I see life as a hard and long journey with many twists and turns along the path but with the help of my friends, family, and my knowledge and experiences that I will gain at Rutgers, I know I will surpass the hardships and have a enjoyable experience.
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