Hardest Thing Ive Ever Had to Do

Topics: Crimea, Mother, The Impressions Pages: 1 (428 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Anastasia Mandzyuk
Writing, Group 215

My amazing summer vacation I can leave behind because it will never slipped from my memory as it was extremely beautiful, enjoyable and unusual to forget. It started from the pleasure-trip to Bulgaria with my group were I can not only have a good time with my friend visiting sights but take delight in dance during two unforgettable weeks. Since I have entered university I couldn’t attend my dance class in my native town, unfortunately, so I enjoy it even for a summer. Then I took a break from the amusement and worked on my English a little bit and read different books to my taste and one of them, which is worth reading is “Arch of Triumph” of marvelous author Erich Maria Remark, watched English films and comical serials “Friends”. Then I spent fortnight on the sea with my relatives in Crimea where was really hard to go away from water as it was really dog days. In the second part of the July I went by train to my parents and while I got there I read a book of polish writer afterwards I was under the impression and with every word I read I found an inner peace and confidence in my future and become more self-reliance thanks to Janos Leon Wisniewski. My father is a plant manager of a factory (which specializes on a beer, kvass and lemonade) in Simferopol and Yevpatoria, mom is a bookkeeper there and I helped her with some pepper work. But also I had three days with my mother and father in Yalta where we celebrate my dad’s birthday and enjoying the time with each other and hanging it out. I was deeply impressed of this city and couldn’t come down my emotion of greatest sightseeing and interesting memorial or strange hotel which situated on the top of the mountain and people have to get down to the water by hydraulic hoist. Eventually I’m still under the impressions about my adventures of this long three month’s holiday. So, as you can see I was trying not to waste my precious time and to take pleasure of every moment and...
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