Hardee Transportation Case Study 5-1

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Case Study 5-1 Hardee Transportation
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August 16, 2012

Hardee Transportation Case Study

Hardee Freight Transportation pickup and delivery (PUD) customers have implemented new hours for their drivers, limiting each driver to a 14 hour duty day. The biggest issue is that Hardee’s fright lanes has its hands full with requests from the largest customer, and customer pickup and delivery (PUD) operations are set to reflect the previews 10 hours of maximum drive time. Analysis of Alternatives:

Hardee Freight Transportation has three choices in order to cope with changes of the new operating hours. One option would be to reorganized peddle runs in order to better utilized the new driving hours and optimized use of bobtails, reducing stem time which is “a nonrevenue –producing time because no shipments are handle” (Coyle, Novack, Gibson, & Bardi, 2011, p. 174). Some of Hardee’s customers require the driver to bobtail to their shipping location which is a waste time and money. If Hardee reorganized peddle runs in order to schedule the empty bobtails to move cargo, Hardee would be able to meet the demand of more customers and see an increase in revenue.

A second option would be for Hardee to require shippers to reduce loading and unloading time “since driver waiting time is no longer counted ass off-duty time, but rather part of the driver’s work day” (Coyle et al., 2011, p. 181). If this option is implemented, shippers would have to rearrange the lay-out of the site and/or acquire more adequate equipment. Such rearrangement could be beneficial for both Hardee and the shippers since cargo may be able to be processed faster, allowing drivers to increase paddle time resulting in more revenue for Hardee and cheaper rates its customers.

The third option is to increase detention rates for all customers unwilling or incapable of expediting the loading and unloading of cargo....
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