Hardball Project

Topics: President of the United States, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton Pages: 4 (1470 words) Published: October 8, 2012
Part 1
The first quote I have chosen to explain is, “The purpose of the war room was not just to respond to Republican attacks ... It was to respond to them fast, even before they were broadcasted or published, when the lead of the story was still rolling around in the reporter's mind..." This quote was said by George Stephanopoulos in response of what happened during Michael Dukakis’ campaign. Dukakis’ view on the punishment of criminals was turned on him, and he never really explained or tried to make things clear. He let his opponent ruin him. Dukakis’ downfall was not being able to follow the political maxim, leave no shot unanswered. His opponent fired ads about Dukakis’ view on punishment of criminal. Dukakis never made an attempt to fire back or even explain. This led to his defeat and thus him losing the campaign.

The second quote is, “JFK would call 5 or 6... LBJ would take 19 names and call the all.” This quote was said by Craig Raupe. He said this because Johnson a man dedicated to retail politics. He would deal with each person personally. He would go to each member of the legislature and talk to them one at a time. He liked to boost people’s egos and make them feel like they were the only person that mattered at the moment. This would allow him to successful because it made him more likeable to people.

The third quote is, “Don't give it all at once. Give five thousand at the start and indicate they can come back for more if they need it. Halfway through the campaign, they'll be back. This time give them another five thousand and indicate that is all you intend to contribute. About a week before the election, they'll be so desperate for money that someone will suggest that maybe you can be induced to come to the rescue…” It was said by James Hagerty in response to Reuss wanting to give FDR fifteen thousand dollars up front for his campaign. This is an example of the political maxim what have ya done for me lately? By giving his money out when...
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