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  • Published : April 25, 2011
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Successful Studies
Brian O’Keeney (2005) article “How to make it in college”, Now that you’ve here”, Enumerate a many realistic steps to make students getting success in their colleges. First, He mentions Eight study tips that will help students to set good grades. Then, He gives students Three tactics for organizing their time. Moreover, He lists three approaches solve personals problems that he get in the way of their studies. Last, He says that a positive attitude gives students a great mood to study well. Another article, W.Korn hauser (1999) “How to study” is very similar to O’keeney’s article in their ways. I will discuss both one major similarity and difference between the two articles.

Both authors Enumerates that how will success from college. Brian O’Keeney gives us main steps to success. First, He mentions eight study tips for getting good grades like set up a study place, Get into a study frame of mind and give yourself a reward. Then, he gives students three tactics to keep up with all the responsibilities without going crazy like prepare a monthly calendar and Make up a study schedule. Moreover, He shows three Approaches to personals can help students like asking yourself if you’re exaggerating your problems and make friends with others classmates to feel less alone. Last, He says that a positive attitude is the key for students to get succeed. Author W.Korn Hauser’s article lists many advices for high schools and college students. He mentions four advices of True studies like acquire information about the subject from variety of sources, Tie tie new information to your old bodies of knowledge and make new information personal. Then, He lists six strategies to help students to get good result like make a task definite, get started at all costs, prepare a physical world for study and face a personal problems. Last, he gives students three suggestion to offer their personal problems like determine as objectively and definitely as you can, find...
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