Hard to Say Goodbye

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  • Published : September 20, 2012
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Saying goodbye is never easy

Till this day I can not forget the day I said goodbye to my older brother. It was one of the hardest days and the same time the day I was proud of my brother. This day was 19 November 2005, the day my brother joined the United States Army.

Let me go back in my story a little bit before that date. I never really got to spend to much time with my older brother. Ever since he turned 14, he always worked or was somewhere else. The first time my brother left home was when he was 16 and I was 8 years old. His first journey started when he moved back to the States when we still lived in Turkey. I remember still to this day when he left that day. I can't really remember the exact date, but I do remember him giving me a kiss before he left. I just pretended to sleep when he was leaving because I really did not want to say “goodbye”. Me and my brother got along very good all the time. Yea we did have our fights but nothing matter in the end because he would always feel bad after and come and hug me.

Well the first time my brother left he was gone for almost two years. It was hard when you are always used to having him around. Then suddenly you are missing someone in your life. My brother went back to the States to go to school because he was having trouble in school in Turkey. When he went to the states he would try to call 2 to 3 times a week. It was never easy talking with him on the phone. It was like he is there but not really. I could hear my brother but not hug him. I know he always missed us because I could tell in his voice. I just felt bad because I pretended to sleep when he left instead of giving him a hug and a kiss goodbye. Well after two years my brother was gone we made a surprise visit to him in the states. I still can't forget the look on his face and how hard he hugged all of us.

We were in the states for about two months. My brother continued to go to school and work even though he really wanted to spend time with us. My brother talked to me for the longest time ever, it was like he missed me so much like I missed him. He told me how much he missed the family and how much he missed being around us. He told me he remembered how hard it was when my dad was in the US Military saying goodbye to him. He said when he left two years ago that he was sad the whole time that he was away.

After the second goodbye when we left him I cried at the airport. I made sure that my mom and dad did not see it, because they were sad as they were. We lived in Turkey because my dad was medically retired from the army and at the time was not making much. They always knew that my older brother was strong and wanted to make my family proud. That was why he wanted to move to the states and live there.

Any ways back to 11 November 2008, it was 5:00 PM when my brother said goodbye to me and my family. He was on his was to the Army. It was very hard for me and my family because my brother joined the army during the time of war. I had never seen my father cry till that day. He did not cry while my brother was leaving but he did cry after he had left. He told us how much he was proud of all of us. But he was very proud of my brother for what he did.

After my brother went to basic training he gave us a call that day saying that he had arrived at South Carolina and everything is ok. He then asked for me on the phone and said he did not have much time before he had to hang up the phone. He asked that we wrote him a letter and kept in touch with him. He told me it was harder now that he is here and he knows after all this that he would be going to war. I made him a promise that me and my other brother would write to him. After we said our goodbyes again we did not hear from him for a while. I guess you can not call home from training much because they want to get them ready. My brother called home I think only 3 or 4 times when he was at basic which was...
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