Hard Rock Cafe

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Hard Rock Café Global Strategy P83

1.Identify the strategy changes that have taken place at Hard Rock Café since its founding in 1971.

At that time, in London, Hard Rock Café served food and rock music with equal enthusiasm. Then, expand the business main regions’ of nations and they established to create customers’ special experiences in café.

Each country has different risks such as political risks, currency risks and social norms. This is the main reason that they use franchise business style which is consisted of around half percentage of total number of stores.

They have been developed supply chain management.

Recently, they have changed the main target customers who are travellers to local residents. One of the examples is that they opened stores in Manchester and Brimming. Those places are not travellers to visit very often. They focus on more local customers.

2.As Hard Rock Café has changed its strategy, how has its responses to some of the 10 decisions of OM changed?

Hard Rock café serve different experience for customers. In order to do it, they needed to alter quality management, process design, layout design and human resources. From my point of view about it, they dramatically changed process design, layout design and human resources because those factors are more directly influence customer services and atmosphere. Shop concept and make suitable atmosphere are necessary to establish brand image and customers experience.

3.Where does Hard Rock fit in the four international operations strategies outlined in Figure 2.9? Explain your answer.

Multidomestic strategy
Hard Rock Café belongs to Multidomestic Strategy. It uses the original domestic concept and developed more strong simple company image all over the world. However, when it comes to the operations, they try to adapt local business customs to minimize risk factors which are already mentioned above. The stricture of the company is decartelized. Each area has...
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