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Topics: Strategy, Choice, Potential Pages: 2 (322 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Financial Statements Analysis ( Nhóm 2)
1.Which factor don’t belong to Poster’s “five forces” framework? A.Rivalry among existing firms
B. Devidend policy
C. Threat of new entrants
D.Answers A and care correct
2.Which element can effect bargaring power?
A.Devidend ratio
B.Equity ratio
C.Financing decisions
D.Buyer price seusitivily
3.According strategy analysis: A firm’s profit potential is detemined by: A.Strategic choices of management
B.Economic enuroment firm operates within
C.(A) & (B) correct
D.(A) & (B) wrong
4.What is the first stage of business valuation:
A.Strategy analysis
B.Coporate govermence analysis
C.Financial analysis
D.Prospective analysis
5.What does his strategy not depend degree of actual and potential Competiton on Poster’s 5 forces? A.Rivalry among existing firms
B.Threat of new entrants
C.Threat of subtitutes products and services
D.Bargaring power of buyers
6.What is the factor that can not affect the bargaring power? A.Buyer prices sersitivity
B.Products differertiation
C.Switching costs
D.Number of buyers and number of sellers
7.Why do company have to apply 5 forces strategy in business? A.Because it’s compulsory
B.Because Poster’s 5 forces frame work evalute the competitive forces within on industry C.5 forces are basis to business
D.This is the best strategy to business
8.Why do customer choose a threat of new entrant without choosing an other brand and same as function? A.They are not enough money to buy
B.They are not demand to use this
C.Because some people don’t have enough condition and they prefer to use public transportation D.They don’t like to use luxury brand
9.How many basic competitive strategies?
10.What is the basic competitive stategies can potentially lead to competitive advantages? A.Cost leadership
C.A&B correct
D.A&B wrong
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