Happy Psychology

Topics: Happiness, Positive psychology, Psychology Pages: 3 (1053 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Can Positive Psychology Make Us Happier?

The first portion of this article, the ‘yes’ portion, argues that positive psychology can make us happier. Julia Boehm and Sonja Lyubomirsky are the two who wrote this section of the article. They believe that every individual has their own level of happiness. They also believe that after every event, whether it is positive or negative, a person will revert back to their baseline level of happiness. The article also states that a person’s level of happiness has very little to do with their life and lifestyle, as most people would believe. This level is, however, based more on one’s genetic makeup. This fact means that happy people and unhappy people are likely to perceive the world differently. For example, happy people are more likely to view the world in a more positive light, while unhappy people view the world, and interpret events in a more negative way.

Boehm and Lyubomirsky conducted many experiments in order to prove their argument. One experiment involved the subject and an accessory, who were supposed to solve anagrams. When the accessory was slower at solving these than the subject, both the unhappy and happy subjects responded positively because their confidence was boosted. However, when the accessory was quicker than the subject, the responses changed. The happy people did not change their opinion on their own skills, but the unhappy people discredited their skills. Many other experiments similar to this one were conducted, and the results of all of the experiments were similar. The happy people viewed their experience in a positive way, while the unhappy people did not.

When happiness interventions were instilled, the entire group of subjects showed an increase in happiness compared to those who received no treatment. What separated the two groups was their reaction when the treatments stopped. When this happened, the happy people continued to be happy. The unhappy group, however,...
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