Happy Mushroom Marketing Plan

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Freshly packed mushroom products, Happy Mushroom comes with two varieties -- the fresh mushroom and dried mushroom, specifically oyster, shitake, straw and button mushroom, carefully packed every morning. The revolutionary Mushroom contains about 80 to 90 % water and is very low in calories. It is also an excellent source of potassium and somehow reduces breast cancer and prostate cancer. And its re-sealable and biodegradable packaging makes it very useful and earth-friendly, Specifically, Happy Mushroom offers the following benefits:

* Health supplement for cardiovascular support
* Immune modulation and lowering of cholesterol
* Stimulate the immune system and help fighting infection * Demonstrate anti-tumor activity.

Organic Cultured Mushroom Farm in Amadeo, Cavite is the market leader in the Mushroom industry captivating the percentage of 28%, merely because they have been established long before the other farms exist. The next is the Ministry of Mushroom having the 25% market share, being the second largest farm located at Mendez, Cavite. They are serving 20 municipalities with their products. The third player that exists in Tagaytay is the Mushroom Farm Plantation located at Brgy. Kaybagal along Aguinaldo Highway, Cavite. They gained the 20% market share of Mushroom industry in Tagaytay area. And as a new entrant, Happy Mushroom will get the 19% of the Market share while the other 8% will go to the other small players. Table 1. Competitive Products and Pricing

Farm| Price/ Kilo (Fresh)| Price/ Kilo (Dried)|
Organic Cultured Mushroom Farm| P300-P600| P1200-P1700|
Ministry of Mushroom| P280-P500| P1000-P1600|
Mushroom Farm Plantation| P250-P500| P1000-P1500|
Happy Mushroom| P250-P500| P1000-P1500|

Happy Mushroom products have several strengths to build, but our major weakness is lack of brand awareness and image. The major opportunity is a changing demand for a healthier lifestyle among Filipinos. We also face a threat of ever-higher competition from other suppliers. Table 2. GO Fruit-Tea Drink’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats Analysis Strengths * Innovative product * Pricing * Use of local ingredients| Weaknesses * Lack of brand awareness * Allergic reactions| Opportunities * Increasing trend in having a healthy lifestyle * House to house selling and availability in Market Stalls| Threats * Dense competition of Mushroom Farms in Tagaytay area * High inflation of dietary products| Strengths

Happy Mushroom can build on these important strengths:
Innovative product. Happy Mushroom is the first freshly packed mushroom products in Tagayatay are offering two variations – the fresh Mushroom and the dried mushrooms. It is proven to provide health supplement for cardiovascular support, immune modulation and lowering of cholesterol, stimulate the immune system and help fighting infection an also demonstrate anti-tumor activity.

Pricing. Our product is priced lower than other competitors. Since we offer unique and innovative mushroom products we have the highest value-for-price among the competitors in the industry.

Use of local ingredients. The mushroom fruiting bags that we will use are carefully hand-made in the Philippines. Packaging is also in the country, thus eliminating taxes and tariffs from importing. Weaknesses

By waiting to enter the vegetable industry until some consolidation of competition has occurred, our company has learned from the successes and mistakes of others. However, we have two main weaknesses: 1. Lack of brand awareness. Happy Mushroom has no established brand or image, compared to the existing farm in the area. However, we will address this issue with aggressive promotion. 2. Allergic reactions. Some consumers may have some allergic reactions with the mushrooms....
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