Happy Moments

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Happy Moments
Happy moments are everyone dream. In my whole life, it is uncountable how many happy moments that I’ve gone through since I was small.Happy moments are something that made us very happy and it is unforgettable.It will never be erased out of our mind and we will always remind of it for the rest of our life.It might happens daily,weekly,monthly and even annually but it really happened.it makes us smile to the ears and sometimes it tears us down.I just can’t imagine how does it feel if we don’t experienced all those happy moments. When I was in primary six at the age of 12 , there’s a moment that made me felt like I was the luckiest person in the world.I’ve been announced as the best student with an excellent result in UPSR with my others two friends.At first,I didn’t believe it at all because I never expected that I could got that such good result.At that time,everybody was hugging me and congratulate me for my excellency.I just don’t know how to express those feeling but for sure it is beautiful,wonderful and amazing. It was such a good day after all.Furthermore,my parents also organized a surprise party for me as they knew my UPSR’s result .At first,I was feeling so sad because once I backed home with a big smile on my face,my house was empty.There’re nobody inside and I only received a card which was left on the table telling that my parents were out for work.They don’t even congratulate me.But soon after that,my grandma called me and asked me to come to her house and stayed with them while my parents were out for work. I just did what they asked me to do so.When I reached at my grandma house,I saw many cars parked at the garage .I was quite nervous and soon I opened the door,I saw so many people inside waiting for me.During that time,my tears suddenly goes down.It was really sweet and I thanked my parents for everything. It happened again when I was in form 3.I was sitting for my PMR examination.on The 25th of December...
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