Happy Feet Review

Topics: Penguin, Bird, Antarctica Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: March 1, 2011
This is a joyous, celebratory movie. Its story line is telling of a young penguin named Mumble this film celebrates a penguin’s life and fills an adventure to the brim with breathtaking events showing off the world from a bird’s eye view. Mumble is still freshly hatched out of the egg shell, when his parents discover he has a problem. He cannot sing like the rest of the penguins. Singing is what defines an Emperor penguin. In the movie the other penguins call it their “heart song” which is a unique sound each penguin makes to attract a mate. To you or me it sounds like a lot of squawking. However, to a penguin it is uniquely performed to upbeat, toe tapping pop music. Each penguin in this movie has his own style of singing and without a song little mumbles has no future. Though Mumble cannot sing he is gifted with another talent. He can dance. When his waddling friends explore their feelings in their heart songs through song, Mumble gets happy feet. He just cannot control it. As the music describes how unique each penguin is, dancing is the only expression that Mumble is physically able to show of what’s in his soul. There has never been a bird like Mumble and the other penguins fear him, He is considered an outcast, in the first part of the movie it shows the struggle of Mumble and his parents dealing with the rejection which it is not easy. In the second half of the movie Mumble takes on a massively filled journey across the Antarctica to prove his self worth to fit in with the rest of his society as an emperor penguin. He leaves behind his family which is starving, because there are no fish and the food chain is scarce. Mumble explores and gets captured by humans.

In the film Mumble is forced to step out of his box, and spots his first sight of mankind and human habitation. The human world looked huge from a small penguins view and though this is only a movie the ending shifts into a more serious issue. This film takes an almost manic environmentalist...
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