Happy Feet Marketing Plan

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Executive Summary

Line dance origins date back to traditional folk dance (Tatum, 2012). Traditionally, dancing has been around for many years, although there are many different styles and genres. Line Dance is where individuals form one or more lines parallel without a partner, to perform choreographed, repeated, in unison series of steps to music (Free Dictionary). Line dancing provides health and exercise related activities to create a positive lifestyle.

Happy Feet Soul Line Dance Group will serve the Tampa Bay Area. We will help individual to learn to dance through line dancing while improving their health. There is not a line dance studio for people, who want learn to line dance and meet other people who have similar interest. African-Americans suffer from high blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease, line dance give them the opportunity to improve these health issues. Happy Feet Soul Line Dance Group vision is to become the leading studio providing line dance that helps each participates improve a health issue. In order to achieve this, we must embrace our mission to provide a place where people can learn to dance for enjoyment, exercise, or meet new people. Happy Feet Soul Line Dance Group has currently outgrown their current location. Expansion into a private studio, will allow public and private instructions, private groups parties, and opportunity to offer other different type of dances.  

Company Description

Happy Feet Soul Line Dance Group was started as a group to learn the current soul line dance in February 2011. This group conducts and teaches line dances once a week, for an hour and half at a neighborhood Elks Lodge. There are three line dance instructors, who teach new line dances and provide individual assistance to new members to the class. Instructors learn new dances from different clubs, parties, or from YouTube. The current genre is R&B/Soul. Although, there is not a weekly or monthly cost to use the Elks lodge; however there are many bystanders, onlookers, and smoke. Mission and Goals

Happy Feet’s mission is to provide a place where individuals can exercise at their own pace, learn to dance, meet new people, increase and improve their health, social life and self-confidence. Overall, be comfortable dancing in front of others. Our goal is to encourage individuals to be involved with improving their own health. According the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, African Americans are 40% more likely to have high blood pressure and 10% less likely to have it under control than causations. American Heart Association (2011) states that 44.8% of non-Hispanic black men and 44.3% of women have Cardiovascular Disease (CVD). It further states 70.3% of men and 77.7% of women, who were non-Hispanic black, are either overweight or obese.

Core competencies
Formed in 2011, Happy Feet has set out to be the best soul line dance group. The core competencies consist of the ability to teach the different soul line dances, fun and loving atmosphere, encouraging environment, and promote health exercise practices. Participates can wear regular, everyday clothes. However, we do suggest participates wear sneakers, comfortable form fitting, non-binding clothes. Although any attire can be worn, socks and shoes must be worn at all times. The music for the line dances are up-tempo and current r & b selections, as well as old school music. Happy Feet line dance does not require any prior experience, we welcome all experiences; advanced and non-experience dancers. Happy Feet provides a place for individuals to exercise or just to increase their physical activity in their lives. Situational Analysis

Happy Feet looks to provide and implement wellness within the community. Furthermore, incorporating exercise into the daily lives of each person who visit Happy Feet. As a line dance group, Happy Feet will be known by its dancers for teaching line dance as a...
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