Happy Endings

Topics: Positive psychology, Short story, Fiction Pages: 2 (784 words) Published: June 25, 2012
Happy Endings
Based on my knowledge, nearly 95% people prefer a happy ending for a story or a movie, but in the reality a percentage of people have a happy ending with their life, marriage, school, work is much lower than that. That is reason why people keep prefer a happy ending for things that they read, watch or work on. On the story “Happy Endings” by Margaret Atwood, She shows me a difference scenario that life of a couple can happen. It could very good like in the scenario A or very bad like in scenario B or mid-grade like scenarios C – F. Reality and theory always have wide space between them, which means it is hard to have a happy ending if you won’t try hard to rise up your knowledge up to date and so on to pass over other people to be a leader and also build up your attitude, your health to have a happy life and safe.

Begin the short story “Happy Endings” by a good scenario, Margaret makes people kind of confusing by giving a wrong order of the story by using a conclusion as an opening for a story then link back other parts of the story to the opening to know the ending. It is a kind of interesting order and hard to using, but Margaret had use is very well. By putting the nice and well ending on top to begin the story, the author mean to mention that everyone all want to get a good ending for their lives, career, marriage, etc. It is everything that people want to have and reach to.

By connect a very bad scenario right next to the very good one, the author kind of want to push people to know that life is totally different than what we usually think or like. Life is much dirtier, muddier and people are much more horrible than what people usually think. Over the scenario B, Margaret, the author has name list of acts that in my opinion it is very rude, terrible and not acceptable that John does to Mary. But Mary keep loving him without any complain, or notice and keep hoping that one day he would change and love her. But life is not like what people...
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