Happy Ending Essay

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Happy ending....

We met by chance when we got stuck in the same lift at the KLCC feeling for the worst, I thought I was going to die as nobody could hear us and there was total darkness in the lift

But Lucia, a 25 years lady who stood by my side gave me a sympathetic ear and assured me that help was on its way. She taught me to be strong and true to her words, the lift was opened and we were safe again. That brief episode sealed our relationship and we became companions forever.

As an older person, she took great care to dress elegantly and spoke in impeccable English language. Instantly, she became like an older sibling guiding me to avoid the potholes of life. She always stressed that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Whenever I felt down and out, Lucia would come to the rescue and in a jiffy. I would have rejuvenated and rebounded Lucia too was a great philosopher although she was an under graduate pursuing medicine in the University of Malaya.

She cajoled me in striving for the best talking me away from the likely danger of teenagerhood, Lucia began emphasizing the need to become a professional. Her wise counsel worked wonders in my somehow  complacent life. She was the guiding star who taught me the ropes to excel for whatever I did.

Her great influence turned me from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. Her way impressed the world for Lucia grew up in an aristocratic family who always had the best in life. Her maternal aunt was the champion to the Queen of England and this maternal instinct made Lucia treat me like her own child. Whenever the storms and hard knocks of life hit me hard, Lucia came to my rescue.

When I sat for my examinations she gave me moral support to excel. I won numerous coveted prizes in life due to the great contribution of Lucia.

Today, I had become a professional in medicine and I am glad to have met Lucia. I thank my lucky star for being given a great upliftment in life in a lift.
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