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Happy Ending

By | November 2010
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I think these is a really interesting story, is great with someone find the other half, the love of his o her life, and them live that life with passion, we love, we happiness, help each other to reach all the gold’s in their life’s, doing wherever they have to do to maintain the love a live and finally have a happy ending. But in the other hand what about people who never find that other person who can make them feel in love or made them feel alive. I think we all make our endings sometimes people just get blind for other reason and they forget about find the happiness in their live, or sometimes people just get comfortable with what they have, even if they know that they can do better.

When someone find the right person to love each other everything that they do in their lives’ is going to be good and they can obtain all the goals that have sated out in their lives because they are very positive, optimist and happy, even if they fail in something their love is so strong that they can started over again. Instead people who just get comfortable with somebody else, or when someone is in love and that other person do not love much in the same way is something very frustrate and is very difficult for that couple because everything is going to be negative, they need to open their eyes and ask if they want that to their life’s or they can look for something better.

We need to be clear about what we want in our lives if we want to be happy we need to overcome all the obstacles that we going to have in our lives and also we need to find the right person to love and to be loved that way we can have a happy endings.

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