Happiness: a Great Way to Care and Clown Doctors

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Happiness is something that everyone conceives differently, some people are happy when they get a new car or new shoes others consider such things unimportant. You can suggest that most people are happy when they have a healthy family but one cannot generalize. Is it good health, a loving partner, no money worries or regular holidays that makes you happy or all together? One cannot say what it is that makes one happy, everyone is different and so everyone’s conception of happiness is also different.

One example what people makes happy are the clown doctors:
Lucy 23 works for Theodora Children’s Trust
One of many clown doctors who bring a smile to the faces of sick children •She spend two days a week in children’s hospitals being extremely silly with her colleague •They make funny faces, tell jokes, and do magic tricks

Blow bubbles, shake hands with the kids, and make up nonsense songs for those children •They often meet kids who one week look really sick, then they go back the next week and they are racing about yelling “Hi” •Lucy is naturally a very cheerful person  have always been a clown •Her father is a clown and she started working with him when she was 8 years old •She knew ths was just the job for her and she became a clown doctor because she thinks it is a great way to cheer up sick, frightened children in hospital •She war a fancy coat, a yellow shirt, and tights with big stripes + red rubber nose •Being a clown in a hospital is very tiring phisicaly and emotionally •Not showing their feelings  otherwise they would be useless •To the children they are happy all the time

Special kids they get really close to
If they cannot the same language as the kid, the only language they have are laughing •After the day they are totally exhausted
They work for a charity so they get paid with the money people give •Being a clown doctor makes the worries of everyday life seem small

Another example is Sidney Fisk:
he is a...
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