Happiness Goes a Long Way

Topics: Happiness, Matthieu Ricard, Emotion Pages: 2 (680 words) Published: April 9, 2013
In this essay I will be discussing about Matthieu Ricard and how he speaks about the joy of life and the way to live without being unhappy. In the video we watched he gives strong advice on how to keep ourselves going and to never give up if something negative happens. I will also be talking about the way I feel about happiness, and if I agree or disagree with Matthieu Ricard and his words to happiness. Matthieu Ricard is a French Buddhist monk. As a young man he gave up a very promising science career as a doctor. He decided to travel to India to study with Tibetan spirituals masters. Matthieu is amongst other things, an author, photographer etc... He comes across as both a very likeable and interesting guy, in possession of all his mental faculties combined with integrity, humour and wisdom. It is evident that he practises what he preaches and all profits from his published books go to charity projects including building schools, hospital and many more. Ricard maintains that “happiness is not necessarily a fleeting emotion. Something we experience, but rather, something we create.” It is a skill, and as such can be learned, developed, enhanced and maintained despite the usual ups and downs of life. Matthieu tells us how we create our own unhappiness through false impression of reality. By protecting and trying to please this untrue fabrication, we create our own suffering. Unrelieved selfishness and labels we make up about ourselves increase our suffering. He gives us advice to cancel out our self-torture and to encourage true happiness, a balanced state of inner well-being, with awareness of how our minds work and freedom from afflictive emotions. We try to transform our minds, and achieve inner peace which leads to deep happiness as a way of being. Meditation is a huge thing for Matthieu. He states that you should give each day a different flavour and style. Slowly you are making a deep transformation. Meditation makes a huge difference. All you need...
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