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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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Happiness Assignment
Lauren Medford
Kaplan University
HU300 – section number


The first person I interviewed was Carol Phillips, a co-worker of mine. We work as diet technicians within an Army hospital, except she is a civilian and I am an active duty soldier. She is in about her mid fifties, and has been working as government service employee for almost two years now. Before being hired at her current position, she spent years working in a laundry mat, and also as a civilian contracted cook. She is a widow with two children, one of whom works with us as well. When you ask her about her husband she will tell you that “he ate himself to death”, and she means that literally, not figuratively. Apparently he was a very large man, so morbidly obese that they had to make a special box for him to be buried, and his size made it impossible to be cremated. I have never heard a pleasant memory of her husband, and generally speaking, she is a very miserable person, which is why I chose to interview her.

Carol and I have a great relationship. We joke around the office a lot, and sometimes I refer to her as “mother”. She is always lecturing me about how to act like a lady, stop cursing so much, and always, always, giving me relationship advice. I chose to interview her because I know that she has a tough life and I wanted to get a feel of where her mind was at, and how she has been able to keep it together all these years.

The second person I interviewed was my husband, Jason. We have been married almost 5 years now, so I would like to this that I know him fairly well. My husband served in the military for six years as a combat medic, 27 months of that was spent in Iraq helping to save lives. Unfortunately after his last deployment he was suffering severe PTSD and was too proud to get help. He used drugs to mask his pain, which resulted in an “other than honorable” discharge from the military. A month ago my husband finally decided to go to the VA to...
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