Happiness and Nlp

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  • Published : April 20, 2012
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Most humans, I hope, strive and yearn for happiness in whatever they do. It’s almost as if it’s a basic human need. They want to “feel good,” content, and satisfied with whatever they do or have. In the Jewish Text “Ethics of Our Fathers” it is written, “Who is Rich? One who is happy with his portion.” I wholeheartedly believe this scripture. People always want more and more, yet they never seem to be contempt. They want the next best car, or the nicer shirt, but they can’t seem to achieve the happiness they so desire. Unfortunately we see often in the news of a wealthy businessman, or a famous actor/actress who are either arrested or worse, found dead because of an alcohol or drug related event. Why do these wealthy, successful and beautiful people do this to themselves? They have everything there heart desires at their fingertips, but there is something visibly lacking. I believe that it’s because they weren’t able to achieve true happiness and they fell into a bad depression. Someone can have so much money, clothes and cars, but where is the love? Where is the true human interaction? I can honestly say most of these people live artificial lives. From their “celebrity relationships” with 5 kids from 3 husbands to having every new piece of clothing, they see themselves that it’s all empty and meaningless but they can’t get out of that rut. Business men who either have the “too-much-money” syndrome or the ones that have fallen on extremely hard times have the same issue, so much as they even have a stereotype when it comes to depression- doing drugs, and lots of it. While this all seems clear cut and simple, it’s truly not. The human mind is very complex and very unique. Richard Layard, in his book “Happiness- Lessons From A New Science” tries to shed some light on this topic and even suggests some ways on how to change ourselves to become happy and to attain more and more happiness during our lives. He uses his knowledge of several different sciences and...
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