Happiness and Herrera

Topics: Juan Felipe Herrera, Happiness, Eudaimonia Pages: 1 (446 words) Published: February 13, 2013
The Importance of Happiness
On January 15th, I took part in the January Annual Theme Event. The theme of this event was happiness. Juan Felipe Herrera, a poet and a creative writing professor, showed us the five levels of happiness in this event. At the first of the event, Herrera provided a question which was “What can be happiness?” One student gave a interesting metaphor: happiness can be pizza. If you want a piece of happiness, just go and get one. As Herrera said in his speech, there are five levels of happiness: happyness, happy now, happy next, happy necessary, and happy half. People are connected to everything in this world, and everything is able to have a effect on people’s mood. People who achieve happiness from other people and other places should spread their happiness to the next person, and the world will be full of happiness. Herrera talked about his own experience to support his point. When he was a teenager, he was afraid of singing because he thought his voice was terrible. However, his music teacher told him, “You have a beautiful voice.” Herrera said he was shocked at that time and that sentence changed his life. And then, Herrera sent the sentence, “you have a beautiful voice”, to everybody in the room, and he explained that the voice can be anything people are good at. In addition to, people can not only get happiness from others but also create happiness. During the rest time, Herrera played some games with us to make us happy. After the games, students were separated into eight groups and shared ideas of “what makes me happy now?” There were different kinds of answers, such as joining in this event, playing games, and so on. At last, Herrera made a conclusion of this event. He pointed out becoming happy can be easy or difficult. Everyone should smile to others and give happiness to others to make this world become more happy. By the end of this event, Herrera left us happy homework which were thinking about who we should...
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