Happiness and Birthday Thematic Purpose

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  • Published : March 5, 2014
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Aizhamal Erkinova
Professor Raynor
Special Occasion Speech
Title: Kate’s birthday. General Purpose: To toast.
Specific Purpose: To toast to my friend’s birthday
Thematic Purpose: I will toast to my friend on her birthday. I. Introduction: Hello everybody!
A. Attention: Let me grab a handful of minutes of your attention and congratulate our "newly-born", Kate, on her 24th birthday, and wish her a couple of things. Well, to be honest, I am very glad to be here tonight and to see her celebrate her birthday surrounded by friends and close people. B. Audience connection/credibility: I have known Kate since our freshman times at Houston Community College. And it is a pleasure for me to note that she hasn't changed a bit in five years, and is still a cheerful energizer at parties and the soul of our company. C. Thematic Statement:

II. Body
A. Main Point: I always wondered how she contrived to find time for everything 1. Support Material: and always came with her home assignment ready even after our student carousals late into the night 2. Support Material: Besides the evident advantage of having her homework always done a. Natalie has always been - and is - a good mixer ready to listen to a problem and offer some advice. 3. Supporting Material: Not less outstanding were her academic merits. a.  As this June she graduated with honors, and now works for one of the best companies in the world D. Main Point: But first and foremost, Natalie, you are an amazing person 1. Support Material: : And on your birthday I'd like to wish you: a. A simple human happiness.

b. I wish you harmony that comes when all the components of life are balanced: when daily work brings delight and in the evening you hurry back home to be with your family. c. I wish you inner comfort when you know that somewhere near, at the distance of a phone call, there are old friends who care about you and if you feel blue, they will always come to...
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