Topics: Happiness, Personal life, Meaning of life Pages: 3 (1085 words) Published: October 9, 2014
Happiness comes from everyday life. learning to enjoy the little things in everyday life, and everyone including the rich and the poor, the lucky and unlucky can choose to achieve it. be happy if he or she chooses to be. It is also about finding one's passion and pursuing making use of it in ones life. However, not everyone agrees with this method because there are multiple ways people define happiness. So, what is happiness? Happiness is a difficult state of mind to define. Everyone talks about how they want to be happy all the time, but how does one achieve that? It varies Today, happiness can be defined in different ways, according to ones personal perspective . Happiness can be different for everyone whether it’s wealth, popularity, or fame. Yet, there are also natural disasters, disease, poverty, and other influences ways that of the universe function, beyond that can not be human controlled by humans. Our mental state exerts has an influence on how we one look s and our approach es to life. We do not live in an utopian society; therefore, there will be times of anger, frustration, or sadness because the world can not be perfect and every person or object possesses has their own flaws. If nature can not be changed, people need to so adjust their attitudes change in order to reach happiness by becoming happy with their identity and circumstances the person he or she is. Moreover, happiness emerges from within is not a thing but it is in us and nothing outside us can fulfill us make us happy, except we can only create our happiness. No one can be happy everyday day and every minute, but there is a secret to becoming a happier person. People imagine that wealth, love, or popularity would make them happy. Nonetheless, this does not mean that people who have less are unhappy. Some believe that money and success can make one happy. However, after their success, many people are still unhappy. For example, when people go shopping and buy the latest pair...
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