Samsung Galaxy S III, IOS, IPhone 4S

Threat 1: Economy downturn

The economy is the biggest threat that every company will face. Simple: if people make less, they will spend less.
Apple products in this case are considered a luxury not a necessity. Apple’s high prices will diverge consumers to competitors.

Get lower-priced products to the market.

Threat 2: Competition is unavoidable
Apple is in number one spot.
Competitors’ main goal is to knock Apple out.
Samsung is innovating faster than Google.
The Galaxy S III has already replaced the iPhone 4S as the best-selling phone in the U.S. - Few other examples of the competition.
Samsung Galaxy Note tablet vs. iPad
Samsung Galaxy S 3 vs. iPhone 5
Android vs. iPhones
Google Now vs. Siri
Amazon Kindle vs. Mini iPad
ThinkPad X1 Carbon vs. MacBook Air
Microsoft Windows 8 vs. iOS 6
Multimedia applications vs. iTunes

What Apple should do?
Competition = Motivations
With pressure from competitors flowing in, Apple introduced the Mini iPad.

Threat 3: Apple eliminating Google, backfire.
Apple cutting out all things Google from the iPhone
Apple cut out, Google maps and YouTube player in all products Google-maps to the side for the iPhone 5 was a big mistake.
Nearly half of all mobile traffic has been from iPhone users. Apple ended up re-introducing Google maps, customers can upgrade their iPhones without being stuck with Apple Map.

What Apple should learn?
Keep Your Enemies Close

Threat 4: Apple without Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs is Apple.
In the techs and gadgets world, innovation is key. Apple has not introduced an entirely NEW product. They have been making tweaks and changes here and there for their existing products. How long will they be able to keep doing this? While competitors are flooding the market with new products?

What should Apple do?
Apple next big product breakthrough, Apple TV
Always remember, NEWNESS SELLS.
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