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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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ESL 160



Life is a sunrise, the meteor, the smoke and fire, lightning, and the rainbow. Although life is short, it is actually brilliant. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything to expand the length of our life but to try to broaden it by cherishing every moment we are happy. Although all of us are seeking happiness in order to live our unique life, not all of us is able to discover it. Actually, the true of happiness is to know you are responsible for your own happiness, cherish what you have got and realize your happiness is created by your hand.

At this contemporary society, although there are so many obstacles to our happiness such as prisonlike schools, meaningless job, unemployment and untreated physical and psychological ailments, we can still seek our happiness from life as if seeds in the stone’s crack seek the sunshine for their life. To be honest, a large number of people suffer under a less perfect society. For instance, we cannot stop worrying about health, fame and our rights. However, it’s not the excuse we can indulgent an unrealistic world which is created by television, the Internet and stadium sports, etc. Everyone is responsible for his or her happiness. One of my friends says, “I love myself and realize that no one is responsible for my happiness, no one can "rescue" me, and I have to tend my own garden.” Besides, we are not alone on the way to pursuit our happiness. According to Walter Mosley in “Get Happy”, the government is responsible for ensuring as many Americans as possible are given a clear path towards the pursuit of happiness instead of being flummoxed in the fast-changing world. Although Americans have the right to pursuit happiness, there are many obstacles to happiness. In fact, most people are suffering. People would not be happy with the definition of the...
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