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What is Happiness?
Everyone wants to be happy; no one wants to be sad!! If a person wants be happy, he can be one. Happiness starts from the person himself, from deep inside, if a person feel satisfied and convinced about himself, and about the environment around him, he will be happy. Happiness is when you feel that tomorrow and the day after tomorrow will be a better day. The scientific meaning of happiness is a state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy, in simple words, happiness is an emotion you feel because of chemical hormones produced in the brain. Happiness caused by a lot of reasons, and to be happy have a lot of benefits on you and the people around, and most important thing is how to make them happy. Happiness caused by a lot of reasons, some internal, others external. First and most important internal reason is the religion. The true way to happiness is to obey God and follow his instructions and do what God asked you to do, he will make you feel happy and satisfied, because you will find pleasure when you worship God, and God will lighten up your way and make everything easier on you. A true Muslim will never know sadness because he is a Muslim. The second reason is achievements and successes, if a person achieved what he wants, he will be happy because he made it. He feels proud and successful because he had made his goal or dream, therefore he feels happy. The third reason is positive thinking. If you focus on positive things in your life and reduced the negative things, as a result, you will start to feel happy. Be aware of negative people’s thoughts around you and do not give them attention and face them with a smile. Happiness caused by external factors also, one of them is money. Money can be an essential reason of happiness; it’s true that money cannot buy happiness, but it can buy things may give you happiness and joy...
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