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Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.

Think about that. Now think about what kind of person you are. Do you create happiness wherever you go, or do you make people happy whenever you go? How many of you roll out of bed in the morning, and think "I am happy and beautiful and I will have a good day"? Truly, each of you are perfect, and I can guarantee very little of you know it. And before you go thinking, "oh, THIS speech. Who are you, my mom?" Think again. In this day and age, each of us belittle ourselves SO much, we are our own harshest critics. I do believe that the single most important thing to maximize your health, harmony, and happiness is summed up in just two words: 'Love Yourself.' The great North American disease is, 'I'll be happy when... When I get the money. When I get the BMW. When I get this job.' Well, the reality is, you never get to when. The only way to find happiness is to understand that happiness is not out there. It's in here. And happiness is not next week. It's now.

An Australian Nurse named Bronnie Ware spent several years working in palliative care. She made a list of the top five things most people regretted before dying. I'm going to tell them to you, and they're important, so listen up. 1. Wishing they'd had the courage to live a life true to themselves, not the life others expected of them. 2. They wish they hadn't worked so hard.

3. Wishing they'd had the courage to express their feelings. 4. Wishing they had stayed in touch with their friends.
5. Wishing they had let themselves be happier.

You see, so many people don't realize that happiness is a choice. Too often, we stay stuck in old patterns and habits. The "comfort" of familiarity overflows into our emotions, as well as our physical lives. Fear of change has us pretending to others, and to ourselves, that we're content and happy, when deep within, we long to laugh properly and have silliness in our lives. We suppress our feelings in...

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