Happiest Stage of Life

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  • Published : June 4, 2012
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Psychology Mini Project

The best years of your life would be both your young adult years and the time in which you reach old age. These are the times when people seem to be the happiest because it is a time when they are truly independent. The people who experience these two phases seem to be much more relaxed and happier than those in the childhood/adolescence and middle age stages of life. During your young adult years, you are just starting to experience the world as your own. This is the point in life when you do not have to listen to what anyone says, or do what other people tell you to do. You get to finally become independent and free. It is also a point in life when you have time to experiment, and try out all different types of things without making a permanent decision about it. The people who live in their young adult years are also starting to form relationships with people, and starting to form their lives to be the fullest they can be. The old age phase can also be seen as one of the best times of your lives, because they mostly live the rest of life stress free. Adults, who are entered in the old age stage, are usually retired and settled down in a stable and comfortable environment. They have experienced the feeling of self-fulfillment. These people do not have to worry about raising their children or the stresses of work life, they simply get to sit back, relax and reminisce on the good times that they have experienced in their lives. The worst years of your life would most likely be the childhood and adolescent stages, along with middle aged. When you are a child/ teenager, you never really have the chance to be fully independent. Throughout these times, you are expected to live and follow rules whether, parents set them or not. Also, within these years is when you are starting to develop both mentally and physically. When you are an adolescent you think you are mature enough to be independent, and do certain things,...
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