Happiest People on Earth

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2 – The happiest people on earth

To Scott Vogel

It is hard to tell why we Danes are the happiest people, I don’t even think we know why our self. Maybe we just don’t care? Maybe it’s our mentality? Maybe it’s our high living standards? No one really knows. There are a few possible reasons that I can think of so, I will just give them to you: We have a good health care system, so we don’t have to worry about getting hurt and not be able to get help, we have practically no people living on the street, as we get support from the public system if we don’t have a job so that’s not that much of a problem. Maybe we just have a special mentality; we tend not to let problems affect us too much, I’m not saying we don’t care, but we just don’t take things that serious. At least not when the problems aren’t that big. And when we worry about problems, I think we take it lighter, and don’t let us get stressed that much by it. We also speak freely, and I’m not just talking about freedom of speech, I mean that Danes doesn’t get that easily offended, that wouldn’t be good, as we tend to be sarcastic and sometimes say harsh words to people, but not meaning it, we also make fun of everything, even our self, our queen, our politicians, our way of living and practically everything that can be made fun of. Sometimes foreigners doesn’t understand that it’s just for fun, as they aren’t used to our humor, and might therefore get offended, but it is really hard to offend a Dane if you know him. We have high living standards, and Denmark in general is a rich country. Our unemployment rates are also very low, we only have very few poor people and the poor we have aren’t really poor compared to the poor in other countries. Our poor do have money for food and drink, what they can’t really afford is clothes, and things like phones, TVs, computers and etc. These are the possible reasons I can think of right now, as I said I’m in no way sure that these are the reasons. I think that most of...
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