Hansa vs Swahili

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Hansa and Swahili shared many similarities and differences between 1000-1450 C.E. Hansa had many cities along the coast of Northern Europe that dominated trade. Hansa traded with Swahili cities along the coast of East Africa. Swahili cities had attracted many cultures looking for spices, gold, and other goods.

Both Hansa and Swahili dominated in trade. The most valuable items to trade were gold, silver, and spices. (Doc 1) Coins discovered in Swahili Cities. This document shows the coins found from the classical era up until 1450 C.E in Swahili cities. Most of the coins were found in Sung china, a total of 212 coins were found. The least amount of coins were found in Seljuk, with only one coin. This could be interpreted to mean that Sung China was one of the most wealthy cities. (Doc 9) Hansa and its trade products. This document shows the exchanges in Hansa in 1450 C.E. Hansa was located in Germany and most hansa members were close to England and Poland. Wax, grain, wine, oil and linen were most commonly found. Hansa cities were not completely united, each city had its own rulers which would meet when a problem or question arrived. (Doc 2) The Hansa reply to a Memorandum from the English Privy Council speaks of how German Hansa was formed in order to keep the land and seas safe. It would protect communities and cities safe from pirates and highwaymen. Each Hansa comunity has its own delegates which are to join in council meetings to decide what would be in the best intrest of the people. (Doc 4) Declaration of the Hansietic league for the prosecution of the war against Denmark and Norway.This is a document in which the Hansa declare Denmark and Norway their enemies. The council decides that in order to best protect their men they shall send out ten ships, each filled with one hundred armed men. Other armed ships will be set up ay sea ports and this is to be in effect for up to three years.
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