Hannibal Barca: One of the Greatest Generals in History

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  • Published : January 27, 2013
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How Hannibal Barca became one of the
greatest generals in History

The purpose of this report is to show how Hannibal Barca became one of the greatest generals in history.
To back-up and show how he is fitting for this title, this report will include his motivations, his outstanding achievements and greatest feats during his lifetime and the consequences of his actions after his death.

Hannibal Barca was born in 247 BCE, his birthplace Carthage was about to lose a long and very important war. Carthage had been the Mediterranean’s most prosperous seaport and possessed wealthy provinces, but it had suffered severe losses from the Romans in the first Punic wars (264-241)1. Hamiclar Barca, Hannibal’s father, was the general during the first Punic war. However, at the end of the war, the Carthaginians had failed to take control of Sicily, one of their most important provinces. The Romans now controlled Sicily, and this was a matter Hamiclar did not take lightly. Hamiclar was “driven by his hatred of the Romans”2. Hamiclar truly hated the Romans after they humiliated the Carthaginians at their forced surrender in Sicily. Hannibal Barca had been waiting in Carthage for his moment to rise to power. At a very early age, Hamiclar “made his son swear eternal hatred to Rome”3. Hannibal, at the age of no more than twenty, was sent to Spain to be educated about war under Hasdrubal. Hannibal never did anything in excess; he only ate and drank what was required to survive. Hannibal became a very skilled warrior and very well educated, Arts of politics and tactics of war seemed to come naturally. Hannibal had even learned the language of the enemy, Latin.

After the death of Hasdrubal, Hannibal Barca had risen to power. He did not abide by the conditions set by the Romans. His hatred towards the Romans fueled his ambition. Hannibal had also realized very quickly that “Carthaginian victories in Spain would not break the power of Rome”4. He needed to break the...
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