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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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Is Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus the innocent young teen you think she is? I can prove other wise. The real Miley Cyrus has a negative effect and is a bad role model for young girls along with her character in Disney Channel’s “Hannah Montana”. I volunteer in a first-grade classroom twice a week and have seen what kind of effect Hannah Montana has on girls as young as six years old. They all want to be just like the Hannah Montana character they watch on television. She has her own line of clothing, which first graders come to school wearing. It’s ridiculous. These children look up to her and want to copy whatever she does. When she is doing all the age-inappropriate things; they do not see what Miley is doing, instead they see what Hannah Montana is doing. Miley is not setting good examples. I THINK HER RAUNCHY DANCING, PROVOCATIVE CLOTHING AND PROMOTION OF BOY-GIRL RALATIONSHIPS IS HIGHLY INAPPROPRITE FOR HER TARGETED AUDIENCE.

Miley Ray Cyrus is an American actress and pop singer. She became famous through her dual roles as Hannah Montana/Miley Stewart on Disney Channel’s sitcom Hannah Montana. She has also starred in several movies and television shows as well as recording six albums with fifty-one songs.

Disney has never thought twice about selling the idea of first kisses to children. Can you name all eight princesses and who has kissed who (Assoc. Natural Psychology)? I can not! “During its first season, Hannah was the most popular show on television among viewers between the ages of six and 14. ...The Company also began to sell Hannah Montana clothing, dolls, and a CD of songs from the show” (Robson 29). The television series which targets pre-teen audiences debuted on March 24, 2006. It focuses on a girl who lives a double life as a normal teenager named Miley Stewart and a pop singer named Hannah Montana.

In my opinion, the show Hannah Montana promotes early boy-girl relationships. It seems the only thing that really happens in each episode, besides Miley getting in some kind of trouble, is the drama of getting, keeping, or losing the latest boyfriend. For example, in one episode, Miley Stewarts’ two best friends, Lily and Oliver started dating and thought they needed to keep their relationship hidden. Disney was, and still is, setting a different kind of bad example. Lying! Miley seems to have kissed every guy who has ever guessed starred on the show. I think Disney Channel needs to clean up their scripts. Let’s keep it G rated for the “tween” and younger viewers at home. It is not just the Hannah Montana show that does not keep it age appropriate; Wizards of Waverly Place, another famed series, also promotes boy-girl relationships. They have quite a few break-ups and hook-ups as well. I sort of understand why Disney is promoting relationships in their number one television shows; it seems to be that America wants to watch those sorts of things. After all, “sex sells”. But I say, “Why feed the problem when you can help change it?” I am not saying to cut the shows off air, I am saying let us clean it up and help the world in which we live restore moral standards.

Miley Cyrus with her sexual dancing is just plain disgusting to some of us. Last year, at the 2009 Teens’ Choice Awards, Miley Cyrus performed to the song “Party in the USA” while dancing around a metal pole on top of an ice cream cart as backup dancers pushed the cart across the stage. This dance resembled a striper’s pole dance to most viewers, including myself. Pole dancing was inappropriate to do at the Teens’ Choice Awards, aimed towards such a young audience.

On May 12, 2010, Cyrus was reportedly found in Los Angles at a wrap-up party for her latest movie, “The Last Song”, bumping and grinding with the producer of the movie on the dance floor. In the recorded video, producer Adam Shankman turned around to start walking away, when Miley then wrapped her arms around his shoulders to continue dancing. She later...
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