Hannah Arendt's Total Domination: Why Totalitarianism is Scary

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  • Published : April 13, 2011
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Total Domination
Hannah Arendt is the author of “total domination” that is one part of last chapter in the Origins of Totalitarianism. In Arendt’s essay “Total Domination”, she uses thesis to support her opinion that totalitarianism is a scary system and totalitarian leadership should never be used. However, in some facts, I disagree with Arendt’s statement that she mentions in essay. In the beginning of Arendt’s essay, she states:

“The concentration and extermination camps of totalitarian regimes serve as the laboratories in which the fundamental belief of totalitarianism that everything is possible is being verified (124)” Form that, we can understand clearly that Arendt assumes the purpose of the camps constructed in every regime and the main role of all camps in all totalitarian states are to instill the fundamental ideals of totalitarianism. Secondly, Hannah Arendt mentions that “these camps are the true central institution of totalitarian organizational power (125)”. In this statement, I realized that the totalitarian government had no power without concentration camps. Also, without it, the totalitarian leadership was not insignificant. When I looked at back this statement, I was thinking about what a totalitarian government was and consisted to people. Additionally, I disagree with Arendt’s opinion with one thing is the difference between the murder and the mass occurred in concentration camps. “The murder who kills a man-a man who has to die anyway-still moves within the realm of life and death familiar to us (129)”, “The murder leaves a corpse behind and does not pretend that victim has never existed…he destroyed a life, but he does not destroy the fact of existence itself (120)”. When a murder kills someone, they take away a person’s life, but they don’t destroy the fact they existed. Then, she went to explain how what the Nazis did was different: “ However, I think that it does not matter whether a person kills another of thousands. The only...
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