Hank Kolb

Topics: Management, Quality assurance, ISO 9000 Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: April 29, 2012
The “lack of quality attitude” that is seen in management and employees of this company is a huge problem. This attitude from management also trickles down to the workers on the production line and other departments. In this case study we see that the production line chose to put out a hazardous product versus a quality product because they felt the production schedule and capturing the market share was more important. I believe the problem with the way quality is managed in this company is there is a lack of priorities, there is a lack of commitment to achieve quality products, and lack of quality standards. Recommendations

Mr. Kolb must convince senior management on the importance of implementing a quality attitude throughout the organization. By implementing a quality philosophy and creating an awareness of costs due to lack of quality employees will learn the importance of producing a quality product and possibly change attitudes. Mr. Kolb can create-a-cause an effect diagram to help employees visualize this concept. •Mr. Kolb must begin to analyze the operation machines. By collecting data on the processes of the machines, he will be able to study why the machines break down and how to resolve these issues in a timely manner so that the production schedule is not jeopardized. •Mr. Kolb needs to work closely with the Quality Control Manager who has the technical knowledge of operations. With the two working together, Mr. Kolb can build a trustworthy relationship with Mr. Hamler and gain a better understanding of how operations works within the company. •An Employee Action Plan may be implemented for those who do not follow quality policies to enforce the importance of change in protocol.

Medium/Long Term
Implementing the ISO 9000 standards will ensure that the company has a quality system in place for procedures, policies, and training that meet customer needs and safety. •Implementing Six Sigma method will assist as a...
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