Hang Seng Bank

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Assignment Title: Hang Seng Bank
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Executive summary3

Service blue print of Hand Seng Bank4

Stengths and Weaknesses of HSB service blueprint6

Customer Benefits7

Relationship Marketing13

Limitation and Recommendation17

Appendix 120

Reference list21

Executive summary
In this assignment, we through the service blueprint of the Hang Seng Bank, we find out some strengths and weaknesses. Besides that, we also find out the customer benefits from Hang Seng Bank which are: Personalization service for prestige customer, ‘Feel good’ experiences by hospitality and Enjoying convenience service. Lastly, we using the business model of Hang Seng Bank and find out some limitation and give some recommendation.

The service blue print of Hang Seng Bank (Unit Counter)
In the service blueprint, we are using Withdrawal money as the example of the service blueprint. Act 1 include Greeting and queuing, Act 2 include Service counter greeting, confirmation with customers, transaction processed, paid, and Act 3 is Depart. In Act 1, in Greeting part, the staff of Hang Seng Bank come to greet the customers at once and saying “Good morning/Good afternoon, Can I help you?” with suitable sound and soft voice. The staffs are wearing tidy and neat uniform or well-groomed. The staff direct customer to the right queue. In Queuing part, the customers can see the sign of queuing, some promotion posters, and the guiding light (display the counter number that the customer should go to) at the front of the queue. During queuing, the customers are been taking care by the staff (standing in the lobby of the bank), for example, helping filling the form for the customers. This can help to decrease dissatisfaction if the customers have been queuing for a period of time. The customers feel they are still being served when they are queuing. In Act 2, the Service counter greeting part, when the customer reach the service counter, the bank tellers greet the customer and saying “Good morning/Good afternoon, what can I help you?” politely. The customers can see tidy service counter with sufficient stationary. The customers can see the computer which the bank tellers use that for doing transactions. After the customers ask for withdrawal, the bank tellers get the passbook or ATM card, and also the withdrawal form from the customers. After that, is the Confirmation with the customers. In this part, the bank tellers confirm the account number that the customers want to withdrawal from and the amount that the customers want to withdrawal. Then, the bank tellers ask the customer to sign on the withdrawal form. If the customers withdraw more than $10000, the bank teller ask the customers to show their ID card. This can help to make sure the customer is the account holder or the person who have the authority power. After that, the bank teller input the data with the computer, and then bank teller also verify the signature. Next, the bank teller need to checkup any pop up message display in the screen before process the transactions. Then the transaction can be processed, at the same time the online banking system have been updated. Then to the Transaction processed part, when the data is printing on the withdrawal form, the bank teller asks the customers which bank notes do they want. After the data have been printed on the withdrawal form, the bank teller also checkup the printed record. The to the Paid part, the bank teller count the bank notes by hand and also the counting notes machine. Then paid to customers and ask the customers to double check the amount. The bank teller also looks one more time of the withdrawal form before paying to customers. After that, they put...
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