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Save Handwriting!
As we step into the 21st century,our developing society has witnessed the growing popularity of new technologies which are rapidly covering all aspects of our life.This phenomenon has resulted in the slowly vanishing of handwriting. Handwriting is a reflection of our innermost thoughts and feelings.People used to record the little drops of life with pen.And people used to observe how their handwriting patterns change after every memorable experience in life like falling in love,starting a family,changing jobs or even surviving a disaster.They can easily infer their views of life at the special time when they are writing something.So how could such a fabulous activity be limited by"used to"? The slow death of written words are worth lamenting since people tend to do almost everything with computers,which is similar to the slow death of our legs because of the growing use of cars. Has handwriting lost all its value?Has social network,email or text message already been able to replace handwriting in all aspects?I don't think so.In terms of the artistic sense,all the high technologies still have a long way to go.For example,will you be really happy if your dearest friend sends you a "beautiful and creative" card with printed "Happy birthday!"on it?Or do you think your mother will be exited if she finds a "brilliant" card under her pillow with printed "Happy Mother's Day!"on it?So these are the occasions where you still have a chance to grab your pens. On the other hand,now that we're facing the so-called handwriting crisis,the quality of handwriting is sure to decline sharply.Nowadays we rarely write a letter.We just send an email instead.Gradually,we become poor at handwriting.So it's time for all of us to realize the importance of handwriting and the necessity of saving handwriting because it's not only a valuable cultural treasure that our ancestors gave us,but also the magnificent legacy which should be passed on to our...
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