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  • Published : December 14, 2012
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Handphones have become a common tool for communication in this advanced society. they came in all sorts of patterns, designs and models. few people on the streets are seen without a handphone. it shows that handphone is no long 'a tool for the rich'. even young children nowadays carry a handphone.

handphone usage has both its advantages and disadvantages. for disadvantages, handphones are said to emit harmful radiation to the brain, which may cause brain tumors or even brain damage. the se of handphones could also weaken a person's memory as the handphone itself has a 'phonebook' where we could record numbers under the names we know. so instead of having to remember the numbers with the use of the brain, the handphone's convenience may not be good at all.

as for students, the ownership of the handphone will result in the situations where they bring it to school and chat with their friends with the 'short messaging service' or in short, sms, during lesson time. this will create a problem, as the student will not pay attention in class and forego the knowledge taught by the teacher during the lesson, thus affecting the academic results of the student.

as i have already stated the disadvantagesm there are also advantages of handphone usage. handphone companies offer a variety of services which are convenient ways of obtaining information. through handphones, we can get information like where and when i could get to watch a certain movie, results for 'four digits' or 4D or even information like where to find the nearest patrol station for cars.
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