Handmaids Tale Essay

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  • Published : November 19, 2012
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Michael Ilcyn

The experience of living in the world of Gillead with all its restrictions and procedures on love and family upbringing already brings about reconstruction on the society we live and know today. Throughout the story, however, old traditions are secretly brought back, further reconstructing this world in order for it to last. In Chapters 23-26, we start to see how the roles of men and women are continuing to be reconstructed, as rules are broken between Serena, Offred, Nick and the Commander. In Gillead, handmaids are brought to each household where a woman is incapable of conceiving a child. The family goes through a ritual where bible passages are read, and the handmaid has relations with the man of the house while the wife stands behind her, holding her hands as a symbol of unity. Relations between the husband and the handmaid are impersonal and intended only for procreation, as passion has become a thing of the past. Offred, however, has not yet become pregnant throughout these rituals, and something must be done to move the process along. In Chapter 23 we read about Offred’s secret meetings with the commander in his study, where they talk, read books and magazines, and play scrabble (something forbidden as women are outlawed from reading). Things between the Commander and Offred start to get more impersonal as the Commander asks Offred to “Kiss him like she means it” at the end of one of their meetings. This brings us to Offred and the Commander’s first indication of reconstruction in bringing about familiarity toward their “business-like” relationship. Each month, the handmaids are to go to the doctors for health examinations to make sure that they are prepared if they were to get pregnant. During one such visit, the doctor comments to Offred that the Commander may be inadequate for consummating. While against the rules, the doctor offers to have relations with Offred and cast the baby off to Serena and the Commander. Offred refuses as this...
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