"Handling Room 15" Response Essay

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"Handling Room 15" Response Essay

By | April 2012
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“Handling Room 15” Response Essay

Katherine Crane’s article, “Handling Room 15” is a first-person account of a teenage girl’s experience at a home for severely retarded children. Katie, a high school student, volunteered to help out at the Hattie Larlham Foundation and had no idea initially what she was in store for. She expected to have an easy time simply rocking babies to sleep, however she was taken to a room and left alone with Daniel. Daniel had been there longer than any other patient, and was 20 years old. When Katie entered the room and saw Daniel lying on the floor she was immediately very nervous and was uncomfortable because of his appearance and odor. Rather than let her fear take over, Katie began talking with Daniel, telling him about her day which he seemed to really enjoy. When it was time for Katie to leave, Daniel became very upset and the nurses at the hospital said they had never seen him act like that before. They said Katie should come back to visit him, however she never returned to the Hattie Larlham Foundation again.

In this article, Katherine Crane does a good job of describing the scene in Room 15 using descriptive words that appeal to all five senses. The reader is able to actually see Daniel lying on the blue mat in the room, smell the odor in the room, and hear his grunting noises. Even though this article is very short in length, the author does a good job setting the scene. The author also does a good job describing Katie’s feelings that day and makes the reader sympathize with her and what she went through that day.

While the middle of the story was very descriptive and well-written, the beginning and end were not as good. The story starts with Katie talking about her math teacher, her personal conflict with him, how his daughter was at the Hattie Lahrlam Foundation and many other details that really did not have anything to do with the main subject of the story nor did it help the story at all. After...

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