Handling of Grievance Procedurin Organizations

Topics: Management, Dispute resolution, Negotiation Pages: 7 (1935 words) Published: December 6, 2010
Various organizations are aware about the diversification of the employees’ traits and characteristics. Instead of letting these individuals affects the culture of the organization, it is the corporate culture that tends to affect their behavior. Still, there are chances that within the organization, the collision and clash of ideas might turn into arguments. In order to bring back the harmony inside the organization, the management is engaged in handling the different faces of issues to maintain the life and the employees’ relationship. Background of the Study

The issue of grievance within the organization is identified as the protest of the people against the application of the policies which is placed in an unjust or unfair manner (Hardeman, 2006). The organization sets rules or regulations which some of the employees’ finds faults or conflicts. In order to compensate their right to clarify the things, in which they believe that will affect them sooner, the employees do what for them fits and right. The grievance is the kind of procedure that values the idea and participation of the employees’ but often taken as a negative factor within the organizations. However, the organizations are still looking for an effective way in handling the grievances in their organization. Scope of the Study

The scope of the study intentionally addresses the handling of the grievances inside the organization. The administration of the grievance is important in all types of organization. The creation of the study is meant for properly handling the grievances with administration’s judgment and the person or people involved should be addressed their on role and address their issue of grievance. Research Objectives

The first objective of the study is to determine the effectiveness of the grievance procedures within the organization. The second objective is to identify the appropriate techniques in handling the grievance within the organizations. With these two objectives, the respected organization can identify the right formula in handling the conflict such as grievance in the workplace.  Literature Review

In order to adjust the employees’ concerns, there are recognized procedures that applied by the organization in detailing the every inch of the problems. The grievance procedures are part in the specified area of labor in which the main concept is to implement the system regarding the various concerns and complaints. People are important for the business leaders and managers, and to minimize the conflicts and other problem within the workplace, they have to handle the issue with fair treatment. Historically, the grievance procedures can formulate the positive outcomes and contribute to for the effectiveness of the management. This can be another tool for the management to maintain the relationships within the workplace. With the use of the system, the management can evaluate its own flexibility for the managers are capable in handling the arguments by providing therapeutic value. The grievance procedures provide the means of indentifying the appropriate practices, procedures, and administrative policies that can cause the employee’s complaints be considered (Bohlander, 1989). The creation of the grievance procedures began through the various conceptualizations of the people and their access in resolutions. The comparison of the female and male employees has difference means of grievance procedure. Mostly, women are anticipated in seeking justice but are lacked in the access in networks that are necessary towards the resolution. Meanwhile, the men are hesitant to embrace the formality of the grievance procedures for they were reluctant to damage their relationships with other people (Hoffman, 2005). There are recognized steps in handling the grievance which can be also applied in the process of the organizations. Firstly and maybe the most...
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