Handling Air passengers D1

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Task 2
Handling Air Passengers

In this assignment I am going to evaluate the developments of airports and benefits they bring to procedures essential for processing passengers before and after flights.

The self check in has been a development that has benefited passengers. This allows passengers to check in from the comfort of the passengers own home, and they can also do the self check in at the airport, they can also reserve the seat that they want. This development is an advantage because it saves the passenger time which benefits them as they don’t have to stand in the queues. Fast bag drop is another development that has benefited passengers. Scheduled airlines will have this at airports for example British Airways. Passengers can check in on the self check in machines, and then use the fast bag drop desks where the baggage will be tagged and sent to the aircraft. Speedy boarding has been a development for Easy jet. It is a new service that will guarantee the passenger that they will be one of the first people to be called on the flight. This will be at an extra charge for the passenger. But this is an benefit for the passenger if they want to chose their seat as they will be first on. Or if for example they have a large family and they all want to sit together. Biometric passports have been a development within the last couple of years. New features include pages with intricate designs and complex watermarks and a chip and antenna. When going through immigration they can easily read the chip. This will speed up the process which will be a benefit for the passenger. Also it ultimately prevents identity fraud and global terrorism. Security has also developed over the last few years due to terrorism. There are now strict measures on what is allowed, there are information displays advising passengers on their hand luggage and their hold baggage. This is a benefit for the passengers because they know that they are trying to do something to...
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