Handicapped Children's Rights

Topics: Disability, Human rights, Self-advocacy Pages: 2 (725 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Mr. Teuber, Mr. Main, Ms. Androsky
Values ATM 1 & 2
April, 2013
Handicapped Children's Rights
"Certain judges still believe that it is better to be dead than to be handicapped," says Xavier Mirabel, spokesman for the Collective Against Handiphobia. Mentally disabled patients that are born with any kind of disability are not being treated how they should be. Some are being sexually, physically, and even mentally abused. There are even caretakers that abuse of them simply because they can not stand up for themselves.

Mental disabilities does not mean a child is dumb or retarded, it just means their feelings, the way they behave and act are different. Children even adults with mental disabilities suffer severe abuses in psychiatric institutions in Ghana. There was a report by Shantha R. Barriga on 3 of Ghana's hospitals and 8 prayer camps. She found out that many people are sent to prayer camps by their family member and others are sent to hospitals by the police, they have no voice on where they go. They can not leave the place to often, it is to crowded and all of the patients there are very dirty, they do not care about the patients hygiene since there are no toilets, and if there are then they are broken. "The conditions in which many people with mental disabilities live in Ghana are inhuman and degrading," Ssengooba said. Even in some cases mental patients are chained up, no matter their age. They were forced to sit in their own feces because they were not unchained to use the bathroom. Not only that but they also have to eat and sleep there. While in a prayer camp, twelve year old Appiah was tied with ropes for over two months, and forced to take harmful local herbs, which caused side effects to her tongue. “As soon as you get a mental disability, you nearly lose all your rights, even to give your opinion,” she told Human Rights Watch. Appiah along with the other patients, are hit several times for not taking their medicine, trying to leave, not...
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