Handheld Game Console

Topics: Handheld game console, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Pages: 8 (3107 words) Published: March 14, 2013
The Handheld Game Console technology and People’s Attitudes Zhentao Qi
Ohio State University

In this epic article, we will dig into the world of Handheld Game Consoles. In the first part, we will have an in depth analysis about the different essential attributes of Handheld Game Consoles and how these attributes can influence our playing experience. We will analyze the function of essential attributes of the Handheld Game Console in different aspects. In the second part, we will describe the history of the development of Handheld Game Consoles and the Nintendo dynasty. In the third part, we will discuss the public’s overall opinions about the Handheld Game Consoles. Are they excellent or terrible? Are they enjoyable? Are they beneficial to our health and life? In the final forth part, we will analyze different customers' attitudes about Nintendo NDS and Sony PSP. We will show the two giant’s advantages and disadvantages

Part1: Handheld Game Console Overall attributes
According to Wikipedia, A Handheld Game console is a lightweight, portable electronic device with a built-in screen, game controls, speakers and replaceable and/or rechargeable batteries or battery pack. (Handheld Game Console, 2012) Simply said, a Handheld Game Console is a game system that you can play on hand. There are several key features of a successful Handheld Game Console. The first is portability. In the early days, some game systems are too heavy to carry. Like the early mobile phones, the early portable game systems are like bricks. The Nintendo Game Boy is a good example. But, in order to make the game system popular, it should be carried as easily as possible. You do not want to carry an XBOX to play on hand. That is exhausting. Unfortunately, some manufacturers did not realize this idea well. Milton Bradley Microvision might have been a pioneer, but it sold poorly partly because of its heavy appearance.(Benj Edwards,Dec 09, 2012) The second key attribute is battery life. If you need to put six big batteries into a game system and it only lasts for two hours, do you still want to buy that game system? The answer might be No. The battery-hungry Sega Genesis Nomad's poor sales might be a good example. (Benji Edwards, Dec09, 2012) Nowadays, all the portable game systems start to use the chargeable batteries so that people do not need to worry about buying batteries. If I now fly from America To China, and I want to play with a handheld game system, I definitely want my game system have battery life as long as possible, so that I can play game all the time. However, now a common handheld game system, like 3ds, usually has battery life for about 3to 5hours. This might not satisfy the consumers who want to play outside for a long time without charging battery. The third key attribute is the physical control. To some people, the physical control might be an essential attraction that differentiates the Handheld Game Systems from other game systems. You cannot play games on I-phone pushing buttons. You cannot play games on Xbox and PC using touchscreen. The push button and the touchscreen might be two important factors for Nintendo DS’s success. It has been the most popular Handheld Game System so far. (Nintendo DS, 2012) The forth-key attribute is the graphic. Some players in the world always regard great graphic as their Number 1 favor of a game system. The success of PS2 tells us that the evolution of graphic will bring the game system huge success. However, this is not always true. When Nintendo DS is competing against Sony PSP, PSP has much better graphic than NDS. But NDS is the winner of the game. It is more popular world widely. We will discuss this issue later. The fifth key attribute is the game software. A lot of good game systems failed because they did not have great games supporting the system. Nintendo's first...
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