Handgun Ownership

Topics: Gun Control, Firearm, Crime Pages: 2 (529 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Title: Handgun ownership
Name: Tseung Chi Hung, Nathan (10550214)
Class: Eapp1 23

On 2nd April 2012, A shooting incident that killed seven people and injured many people happened in a university in Oakland, California. There is another shooting incident in 9 days later in Los Angeles. People starts to question why it will happen and how to prevent it. Some people think that citizen should not own handgun while others deem that it is an important right of the citizens. Therefore, I would like to rise some reasons on both sides to discuss this hot issue.

To begin with people can use their handgun for self-defense and entertainment. In American, not every houses or apartments are near police stations. Time is also needed for police to reach to victim in case of emergency after people call 911. Thus, owing handgun become a cruel way to protect victim themselves when they facing danger without the help of police. For example, if there is a man want to kill or rob you, you can use a handgun to protect yourself by simply push the trigger to injure him. Even you do not know how to use it or do not want to hurt him, a weapon which is more than just bare hand can frighten the gangster. Besides, it is never a good idea for a criminal to hurt a people with handgun. Moreover, the ownership provide amusement for people. Gun clubs and festival has a long is one of the most popular leisure activities in America. People shoot in a safe field with the presence of instructor for fun or to release stress. Moreover, shooting is a sports and interest for people to have entertainment just like other ball games. We can notice that it is recognized by Olympic to have world wide shooting competitions.

On the other hand, the ownership can lead to accidents and more crimes. There are some gun shops on street that allow people to obtain guns easily. Thus, the ownership provides a convenient mean for gangster to reach weapons for criminal activities. Furthermore, it can cause...
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