Hand Washing and Foot Care

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Hand Washing and Foot Care
What is Hand Hygiene?
Hand hygiene relates to the removal of visible soil and the removal or killing of transient microorganisms from the hands and may be accomplished using soap and running water or an alcohol-based hand rub. When are the best times to wash your hands?

* when your hands are dirty
* before eating or touching food (like if you're helping cook or bake, for example) * after using the bathroom
* after blowing your nose or coughing
* after touching pets or other animals
* after playing outside
* before and after visiting a sick relative or friend

Foot Care
Wash you Feet every day
* Clean your feet, especially between the toes by using mild soap and warm water. * Dry well, including between the toes
* Apply a moisturizer if you skin id dry or hard. (Do not apply between the toes as this area tends to be moist naturally). * Air your shoes at night if you are going to wear them the next day. * Use clean socks

* Get mum or dad to cut your toenails and don't let them grow too long. * Check your feet for bumps, itchy bits, cuts and blisters and get them treat * Wash your feet well at least once a day.

Ice Breaker Songs
Bananas of the World Unite!:
Clasp hands over head in a temple pose
Peel Bananas, Peel Peel Bananas: (say twice)
Do the back stroke/dance.
Chop Bananas, Chop Chop Bananas: (say twice)
Make chopping motions with your hands.
Shake Bananas, Shake Shake Bananas:(say twice)
Do the twist/shake.
Eat Bananas, Eat Eat Bananas: (say twice)
Pretend to eat bananas.
Go Bananas, Go Go Bananas: (say twice)
Go crazy and dance
Hand Washing
Hand washing is only effective at killing germs if it is done properly. One should wash their hands at least three times a day for twenty seconds each time. It is especially important to wash hands after handling pets, before and after preparing food, before eating and after...
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