Hand in Assignment Week 2

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  • Published : January 1, 2013
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Hand-in assignment week 2
By Nawaf AL-Otibi

Biomedical engineering is different from the rest of the other fields of engineering, which is integrating with the knowledge of human body systems and engineering. The role of biomedical engineering is helping the patients in terms of proper diagnosis by a medical device and also provides the safety and quality the medical device in terms of use the device, that enters in the design of the medical device. The design of the medical device is relating to project management, that compatible with high standards and providing the health care projects a high quality of medical devices. THE BIOMEDICAL ENGINEER FIELD

Overlapping field of biomedical engineering in the field of medicine and biology with traditional engineering such as mechanical and electrical engineering, which makes it different from the rest of the engineering field and open the future of medical personnel in factories, specialized companies, which are selling medical products and hospitals. Supposed or expected biomedical engineers integrate their engineering skills with the complexities of biological of the human body to develop their skills to work and engineers have to know the systems of the human body as well. The field of biomedical engineering is helping doctors in diagnosis patients in fast time and high accurate. So, that reduces the diagnosis time and gives accurate data for the test results.

Some devices work as an alternative member for affected members in the human body from disease such as kidney or heart or lung or as an alternative members that lost in an accident such as a foot or leg or knee. Medical devices Operate is helping patients in an accurate diagnosis, which doctors depends upon them and with the modern technology for medical devices that allowed the doctors diagnosis his patients from a long distance and communicate with them, such use of Internet and Wi-Fi, which...
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